Internet Service Providers


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Internet Service Providers

Every area offers a different set of Internet Service Providers. The various companies that offer internet service have different methods of connecting you to the internet.

Some of the most common connections include:

Dial-up - This is a connection made from your computer through a telephone line. It is one of the oldest internet service connection types and is often slower than other connection forms due to the copper wires that the signal runs along. It is also considered one of the most affordable ways to make an internet connection and has seen some increase in usage due to the economy and the more affordable pricing it offers.

Cable - Cable internet access is a form of broadband internet access which makes use of the set up used for delivering cable television. The signal travels through coaxial cable allowing for a higher connection speed than the twisted pair of copper cables used for telephone service. While more expensive than dial-up, the greater speed of interet connection has made this one of the most popular residential internet service types.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line is an internet connection that makes use of existing copper phone lines and uses special hardware that enables users to make a digital connection rather than having to convert from digital to analog to run on the phone lines. While it can not reach the high end speeds that a cable connection does, cable speeds might vary depending on the number of users, and DSL provides a more consistent connection speed.

Satellite -Satellite connections use radio signals and satellites. The radio signal and distance usually causes a significant delay in the transmission of signals. The signal can be interrupted by various factors such as weather or obstructions such as trees or other buildings. For these reasons, satellite connection is usually only used by those in more remote areas that might not have the developed lines in their area to make another type of connection.

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