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FTP, File Sharing, and Site Back up Hosting Companies.

File Hosting: File hosting enables clients to store files, software, and have an off site back up system. It allows FTP and downloads of content through web access. File sharing through FTP or web downloads uses large amounts of bandwidth. Hosting of this nature can be more expensive to purchase, but worth the cost. Going with a web hosting service if you are going to have this type of a site, will cost you in other ways. Almost all web hosting companies have a terms of service policy stating that accounts can not store anything on the servers that are not website specific. Stored files and software can and often are deleted from servers without warning. These files on a server are sometimes targeted by either size or by extension, (.mp3, .avi etc..). Accounts are also limited to a maximum amount of bandwidth. An account exceeding this bandwidth is either throttled, (they shut down traffic to the account by closing connections to the account or slowing down the transfer rate of data), suspended, or deleted all together.

Remote Site Back Up Hosting: This type of system is specifically just for storage space to ensure that a copy of data is stored off site in the event that something should happen. The biggest disadvantages of this are slow bandwidth, if files are not encrypted there is no guarantee of privacy, and encrypted files could be lost forever if the password is ever lost.

A few FTP and Back up Companies:
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FTP and File Sharing Hosting