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Shared Hosting this is the most common system used by individuals and small companies. In this system a single server has several hundred user accounts that share a single operating system. It provides for separate user accounts with space for web files, email system, URL based on a domain name, databases, and other such features. The biggest disadvantage is shared resources. A single user could black list the shared server IP address by sending out large quantities of SPAM or a web site that gets a large amount of traffic hogging the server bandwidth can cause all the other accounts to load very slow.
Reseller/Multiple Domain Hosting is where a person or company purchases hosting from a larger company that already has the hardware and software resources, (generally at a bulk discounted price), and then resells these accounts or portions of these accounts to other people.

Hosting can normally be found on either a windows platform or a UNIX/Linux platform. Most of these systems include a graphical user interface control panel. These may have buttons, text links, or icons.

The biggest advantage of the UNIX/Linux platform is that they have a faster and more powerful operating system. Since most versions of the operating system are free distribution, most hosting companies offer hosting on this type of platform at a lower price. The majority of web based programs and applications run very well on this type of platform.

While the windows platforms are usually slightly less stable, they support ASP. Pages coded in ASP, must be on a windows platform in order for the scripting to be recognized by the server. A windows system also takes a longer period of time to make changes to an account. Requests such as adding a new email user to the system must go to a queue to be processed on a windows server. Depending on how busy the server is, this queue time can take anywhere from one minute to one day. Most hosting providers offer smaller disk space at a higher price with less features on windows servers do to the cost of purchasing licenses to run the software. The biggest advantage to a Windows system is the ASP support and the ability to use Access databases.

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