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This site is currently under construction.

» 1/1/2008 Domain name created
» 3/20/2008 Work on this site started
» 11/27/2009 Starting a rebuild of the site for easier management and navigation
Until this rebuild is complete, the original pages will still be available through direct URL. Many of those pages can be accessed from the old Site Map
I expect the rebuild to take about a month.

Visit back to see new pages as they get added. Please e-mail comments and feedback to:

The internet is a vast place that contains more information, tools, and useless wastes of time than any person could ever imagine to wade through in a lifetime.
This website is a guide for those who need help getting started on their journey down the information super highway.

This site will take a long time to build and I am constantly trying to add new pages as I find the time. If I am missing a subject that you want to see covered or you find incorrect information, make sure to let me know so I can improve this site.