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General Disclaimer

I have provided the most up-to-date and correct information as I could. This was written by a human and is therefore subject to error. I make no claims to the accuracy of items provided within these web pages. I have done as much research as time allowed for me to do. This site is not updated on a regular basis. If you have issues or problems with any of the tools provided here, please contact the provider of the scripts. The tools on this site have been gathered from various sources to help provide a one stop shop so people do not have to search the entire web. If you do find errors, broken links or tools; please contact me at:

I am not responsible for mis-information as you have the internet at your disposal, nor am I responsible for any issues resulting from code generator, validators or any other script running on this site. They are here as a courtesy.

I do have an affiliation with most of the companies listed on the site. I am not endorsing any specific company as every person has their own preferances. What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else.

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