The Social Internet


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The internet has become one of the most popular ways to socialize.
E-mail has replaced traditional, "snail mail".
Phone calls are being replaced by services like Skype, Google Talk, and VOIP services.
Social sites allow family and friends to stay in touch and share daily news or interests at the click of a button.
The internet provides a semi-safe avenue for voyeurism and the fascination that people have with watching what other people are doing as well as fulfilling the need that many people have for being watched and drawing attention to themselves.
Blogs and online public journals have become an American past time. Updating the world with your daily life and reading up on what others might be doing is replacing daily news events from the standard news casts one use to tune in for on television.
Bookmarking provides a simple and passive way for individuals to share with the world something they found of interest.
Forums allow individuals to join in group discussions and provide an outlet for their opinion to be heard.
The internet simultaneously allows us to both be closer and further away from people than we ever have been before. You can peek in on the most intimate thoughts of another person from a country you have never been to or share your most personal thoughts and at the same time, you never have to interact with another being.

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