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Whois contains public information about domain names such as who the registrar is, where the DNS is being held, when the domain name was created and when it will expire.
To view how to read a whois record, please visit our page about how to read DNS.

Whois Privacy is a feature allowed to be enabled on many TLDs that hides the identity and contact information of the owner for a domain name.

Please feel free to use the provided Whois lookups, or see some more in the list below

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This list includes several excellent whois lookups:

Oyetools - A global look up that enables one to search almost every TLD available.

InterNIC -provides whois lookup for the common TLDs not related to specific countries

Ajax -Provides very good up to the minute whois information for .com and .net domain names

FreeWho -Provides a very simple whois interface with easy to read information

APNIC Asia Pacific network Information Centre - TLDs for Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Korea, China, and Australia 

ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers - TLDs for North America, parts of the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa

LACNIC Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry - TLDs for Latin America and the Caribbean

AfriNIC Afican Network Information Center - registration of IP addresses in the African region

RIPE R'eseaux IP Europ'ens -Internet registry for Europe and surrounding areas

JPNIC Japan Network Information Center -Registration for .jp domain names

AUNIC Australian Network Information Centre -Registration for .au domain names

Beyond a simple Whois look up, many places offer more detailed information based on domain names and the IP addresses associated with them. These tools are referred to as DNS or IP tools.