Ice FTP Tutorial


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Ice FTP Tutorial:

     From "File", choose Site Manager

     Choose New Site

     Site Name can be anything
Host / IP is your FTP host, usually your domain name or IP address
Most systems use the default port 21
Username is your FTP user name
Password is your FTP password
Remote path is if you want to connect to a specific directory on the remote server.
Some hosting companies require you to publish to a public directory for files to be viewable.
Most systems use Passive FTP. Windows web hosting platforms may require something else
NOOP is recommended or you might lose your FTP connection too quickly
Click OK when all information has been entered.

     Select the site
Click Connect


     Files can easily be moved by dragging and dropping from one side to the other or
by using the transfer button to tell the system to copy the file to the other side

     Hurray! The file has been copied to my remote web server

     By Right clicking on a file or directory, I have a list of options

     When ready to end the connection, choose "Disconnect" from the drop down menu under File