Leap FTP version 3.0 Tutorial


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Leap Version 3.0 Tutorial:

     In the drop down menu for FTP, choose Quick Connect

     Address is your FTP host, usually your domain name or IP address
The default port most systems use is 21
Username is your FTP user name
Password is your FTP password
Remote Path is the specific directory you want to connect to. Many systems require you to upload to a public directory for files to be viewable
Click Connect


Leap_FTP_v3.0      Files can easily be moved by simply selecting the file you want dragging and dropping files from one side to the other

     Your file has been transferred.

     A list of commands will appear if you Right Click on a file. These are the file manipulation commands

     A different list of commands will appear if you Right Click in a blank area. These are the directory commands<

     When ready to end the connection, choose "Disconnect" from the drop down menu under FTP