Windows XP Windows FTP Tutorial


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Windows XP FTP Tutorial:

     From the "Start" menu, RIGHT click and choose "Explore"

     The Explore window should open.

     If you do not have an "Address bar" you can RIGHT click on a blank section in the main menu
Select Address Bar to enable it. If Address Bar already has a check mark next to it, it is open, it may be off to the far right side of the screen
Simply hold the mouse over the edge of it and drag the Address bar open

If the address bar is already open, you can delete the info displayed there and enter:
Either ftp://your ftp host name (Usually your domain name or IP address), or
The formula is ftp://username:password@ftphost this is the ftp:// protocol,
your user name and password to log into your FTP, the colon tells the computer where the separation occurs
the at symbol, (@) tells the computer @ this ftp host.

     If you simply entered ftp://your ftp host name, a log in box will pop up
Enter your FTP user name and password here.
If you used the ftp://username:password@ftphost method, this already provides the log in and there will be no pop up

     The left side is your local computer
The right side is the remote server you connected to
Double click to open a directory, right click for other options.

     You can now move files and folders from one computer to the other simply by dragging and dropping

     Depending on your browser edition, you may also be able to launch ftp using the Run program usually found in the start menu