What you need before beginning


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Check List!

1: Set your expectations
Setting your Expections too high, can cause disappointment.
Many times people expect a web site to be quick and easy. While it is possible to build a website in 5 minutes, it is not a reality if your site is going to be more than 1 page or include anything other than text.
If this is going to be a web business- be prepared that a web business can be just as much work as a brick and mortar store.

2:Plan your website.
You want to know who your target market is and plan your website around this audience. What type of content should you have on your site, what colors should it be done in, will the site be fun or professional.
Tone, Layout, and Content are all very important to consider if you want your audience to keep coming back to your site.

3: Select a domain name. (This is the name of your website.)

4: Check a WHOIS to find out if the domain name you want is available.

5: Purchase your domain name. (Some web hosting companies provide domain names with their hosting.)

6: Determine what type of Hosting you need. Hosting provides space on a server for your web pages.

7: Select a company and purchase hosting.

8: If you bought your domain with a different company, get assistance "pointing" your domain to the right "DNS settings" so the internet knows where to find your site.

9: Determine how you are going to build the website.
Some hosting companies provide template software to create a site on their system.
You can get your own Web Building Tools
10: If you are building an e-commerce site, find out if you need an SSL, (Secure Socket Layer - the padlock), to protect credit cards processed through your website.

11: Once your website is built, it needs to be "published" so the internet can access the web pages.

12: Don't forget to submit your website to the search engines. Many people forget this step and are disappointed when their site fails to come up in a search.

13: Once the site has been set up, it is important to revise, add new content, and advertise on a regular basis in order to keep getting new visitors.