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Building a website requires the right tools. Here you can familiarize yourself with some of the tools and where to get them.

A text editor is for someone who wants to use code or edit specific parts of code. It is all text with no images or drag and drop.

An HTML editor is a system that is used for writing/editing the code in text format, most of them have plugins or come with code snippets or short cuts for commonly used tags. Many of them also have a preview window to view what the page looks like as you work on it. This is a very useful system if you want to actually learn code and see what the visual changes to the pages are as you change the code.

A WYSIWYG system also known as a What You See Is What You Get. Today this is a format that many people are familiar with. Most word processing systems are considered to be a WYSIWYG system. These types of systems are very nice for people who are just begining to get the feel of page building or people who never want to deal with code. There are some very good WYSIWYG systems out there and they are a fantastic tool especially for someone who is just starting out.
The biggest drawbacks with WYSIWYG systems are:
1: They often insert extra code.
2: The formats are not always compatible with all web hosting systems or browsers.
3: Using advanced languages such as php, java, flash, or asp may be very limited.
4: Each system has it's own limitations and what it can do.
This not a discouragement to using a WYSIWYG, just something to make sure to keep in mind.
Many WYSIWYG systems are considered Publishers. A publisher is a web building system that combines the tools of a web builder and an FTP, (We will get to FTP further down the page). Many of the bigger publisher suites also include a management system for your files

Text Editors

If you have a windows system, notepad is a pure text editor that doesn't add anything to the code. You can even save the files as a .html.

Getting a bit fancier is notepad++ This is still a text editor, but it combines several features of an html editor such as syntax highlighting.

TextWrangler is similar to notepad++ created specifically for Mac OS X and also has syntax highlighting.

HTML Editors

Being the next step up from a text editor, HTML editors are all very different and they all have their own quirks and special features. Don't give up on HTML editors because the first one you try isn't to your liking. Try a few of them out.

HTML Page Builder: Selida

HTML Kit Page Builder This is very nice with multiple plugins for multiple language support

Kompozer Makes an HTML editor easy for beginers to use. Can be used on windows, Mac, Linux.

Note Tab A widely used and highly recommended program by many

While there are countless others out there, these editors are all free systems and very widely used and recognized.

WYSIWYG systems

There are many free ones, however you are very likely to find that the most popular of them charge a fee for these programs.

Dreamweaver A very popular product with many people. A bit on the expensive side too. (Always try the free 30 day trial before purchasing.)

Microsoft Front Page Front page, while still widely sold, is no longer a supported product. It is very user friendly and people love it, but it does have a tendancy toward data corruption. Some hosting services may not support the extensions required for this system to work.

Microsoft Expressions The "NEW front page".

NVU Totally Free Download- it's Open Source Software. A continuation of the Kompozer project with several updates.

SeaMonkey Totally Free Download. A project from the Mozilla foundation, this system is an All-in-one browser, email client, web compozer, and FTP publisher.

Aptana Free or Pro Version This is considered a "free version of dreamweaver" by many. It is made by a different company and they also offer a professional paid for version.

Google Page Creator An Online web creation system. Free but requires registration.

App2you An Online web creation system. Free but requires registration.

Coffee Cup Popular publishing system. This could really be used as either an HTML editor or a WYSIWYG system

Blue Voda A fairly popular web builder

You may also find it useful to know that many of the popular word processing systems- Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. allow you to Save As..., (if you use the drop down menu that can be found under the section where you enter the name of your document), an HTML file. The word processor will then insert all of the HTML code for you. While this code may not be a true "What you See is What you Get" as the pages are built for a different layout and format, it's a software that most people are already familiar with and have readily available.

At this point I should also mention Code Generators Hundreds of online sites offer systems where you type in some information and then you copy the code that the system generates. An internet search will give a number of them you may use. We also offer code generators here

FTP - File Transfer Protocol is a system used to transfer files from one computer to another.
Not all web builders have a built in system, so you may need to use an FTP to move the files from your computer to the server where your website should be. (FTPs are very easy to use, if you need help, check our tutorial section.).

I highly recommend Filezilla. It is FREE, quick, easy to use, and works on Windows, MAC, or Linux.

There aren't too many tools you need to build a web page. Just a program to build it with and a way to get your files to the server. The rest is imagination, time, and patience. A web site can be slapped together in less than an hour or it can be well thought out and take months to develop. What you are able to do with the site itself is mostly limited by the tools you select to use and your imagination. You can pay a lot of money to have someone with the know-how create the site for you or you can roll up your sleeves and put in the time to create your own.