Building a Website


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Before you can build a website, you need something to build it with. A website can be built with a large array of programs. Even Microsoft word has an option to change your word document into an HTML document- though I wouldn't suggest this route for building a site.
To understand why, requires you to understand that a web browser reads the code of a web page to know what to display. Programs that are not true HTML or pure text editors, (word is a word processor, not a text editor), add extra code. This can cause some browsers to have problems displaying the page properly or take extra time to load the page for viewing.
You can view the code of most web pages by right clicking on a web page and choosing view source, or page source. It may seem daunting to look at a web page this way the for the first time and just see all that code. If you read through some of it though, you should be able to start picking out what each section is.
If you feel overwhelmed at this point, don't let this stop you from creating a web page. There are many ways to create a web page without ever having to work with the code itself, it is just very useful to familiarize yourself with the code because there is a lot that you can do with it and important information that can be inserted in this code but don't feel that you have to learn code to make a website.
The first thing to do is get a good web building program.
For a list FREE programs, check here.

If you are going to use a WYSIWYG system, then try playing with it a bit first. I will have tutorials coming soon for those programs. If you choose to work with a text or HTML editor, or you just want to learn how to work with the code, select a program and then continue with this page. Once you have chosen which editing system you are going to use, let's get started.
The basic parts of a web page:
This is an example of the very most basic HTML page
<! -- Place Meta tags and Scripts like CSS in this section -- !>

<! -- Place HTML code or body of text in this section -- !>

Technically, for the most basic web page, there are only a few requirements.

Start with the HTML lesson or
Use a code generator to help create the code