Becky! Email Tutorial


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Becky! Email Version 2.48.01 Tutorial:

     To create a new account, choose Mailbox Setup from the drop down menu under Tools

     Under the account tab
Your name can be whatever you want it to be
Email address is your full email address
Choose the type of email system you are connecting to.
(This tutorial covers POP3, IMAP is similar to POP3 but uses different port settings so you can still follow along if using IMAP)
This system autofills the domain name in for server information.
Change the incoming and outgoing mail servers to match the information your email provider has given you
User ID for many email providers will be your full email address
This system autofills in the first portion. If your email provider requires the full address, be sure to change this
Enter the Password for your email account
Some email providers require an ecrypted login, check with your email provider before marking anything other than Standard
Select if you want to leave a copy of your email messages on the server

     Under the Receive Tab
Choose how often the system should check for new messages
If you expect large size mail messages, make sure that the SIZE LIMIT section is not check marked

     Under the Misc. Tab
Set your port numbers for the incoming and outgoing mail servers
If your email provider requires authentication for the outgoing mail server you can change that here

     Choose General Setup from the drop down menu under Tools
This area will allow you to configure your specific account settings such as the size of your mailbox, MIME type association, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

     If you have problems receiving email, check the Advanced tab to ensure that your mailbox is big enough

     To sync your email account with a blackberry or iphone type of system, choose Sync with Portable Media found in the File menu