Eudora Version Email Tutorial


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Eudora Version Email Tutorial:

     To create a new account or change an existing one, choose Options... from the drop down menu under Tools

     In Getting Started
Real name can be whatever you want it to be
Email address is your full email address
Set the incoming and outgoing mail servers to match the information your email provider has given you
User Name for many email providers will be your full email address
Check mark Allow Authentication
Click OK

     In Checking Mail
Mail Server is your incoming mail server. The info will be auto entered from the Getting Started information
Login Name for many email providers will be your full email address
Choose how often you want to check for email messages

     In Incoming Mail
Choose if you are using POP or IMAP
Choose if you want to leave a copy of the messages on the server
You can choose to not accept emails over a certain size here
If your email provider uses a specific authentication, choose that here. If they have not provided specific information, they probably use passwords

     In Sending Mail
This area is auto configured using the Getting Started information
You can change the sending information here
Some email providers use port 587 for their Mail Transport system, you can select that port here

     If you have problems receiving email or sending, check the Advanced Network to ensure that your time out is not set too low

     To set filters or for Junk mail or Spam, there are 3 areas to affect this
In the options is Junk Mail

     In the options is Junk Mail Extras

     and in the Filter Messages/ Make Filter found in the Special menu. If you are receiving too much spam or you are missing emails, check these areas to see what you have set.

     To change your saved password in the email client, choose Change Password from the menu in Special